What comes next?

As many of our regular readers and followers know this year we did not go public with our election predictions because we had a few high-paying clients that wanted the results before anyone else. This is why we opened our predictions to anyone who wanted to buy them for as low as $50 or $100 (many people did, which made us very happy that there is an actual market for this).

Those who bought our predictions knew this was coming. This is a quote from our election report available on November 3rd on our website:

If the results stay this way — a closer than expected Biden victory — we are looking at a high probability of post-electoral uncertainty and a contested election scenario. In fact, 64% of our users anticipate a contested election. The reason is simple: if Trump holds on to wins in FL and AZ (with NC also borderline), this will be known already on Election Night which means waiting for vote counts in PA and WI to confirm the winner of the race. In both of these states Biden is in front (and has been continuously since the start of our polling), however it will take time before this is confirmed which could result in continued market uncertainties next week. …



Oraclum is a data company led by a team of scientists that builds prediction models. https://www.oraclum.co.uk

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