At one moment there was hope that summertime will naturally suppress the spread of COVID-19. This hope is now gone as uncertainty sets in.

In the beginning of June, the COVID-19 trends in the US looked quite promising. The incidence rate (number of cases per 100,000 people) was about 10 or less, with the pandemic hotspots in secure downward trends. The incidence doubling time was in almost every state over one month, mostly two…

COVID-19’s path of death and analysis of Google mobility data

As the economic and social fallout from the “lockdown” measures takes its toll across the world the public debate has been increasingly focusing on the rationality of such drastic measures. This debate is both highly relevant and highly emotional. The problem is that everybody is prone to a personal bias…


Oraclum is a data company led by a team of scientists that builds prediction models.

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